Meditation Sessions: 20, 30, 45 min

     Introduction to meditation

                                                                      Weekly/Daily meditation offerings:

                                                                      Yoga Nidra (art of concious relaxation)

                                                                      Breath Work

                                                                      Seated Meditation






   Yoga Sessions: 30, 45 & 60min

   Classes tailored based on the level of the students and their needs. 


                                                                             Styles offered:

                                                                              Hatha                                                                               Vinyasa

                                                                              Alignment basics







  Wellness Workshops & Retreats


                                                                          Corporate Warrior workshops

                                                                          Transformational Breath

                                                                          Weekend Retreats

                                                                          Vision Board Workshop





   Privates & Coaching

                                                                         Ayurvedic Assesment

                                                                         Health Coaching

                                                                         Reiki Healing

* Pricing is available after consultation, based on your needs. Contact us to scehdule a meeting

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